• Free Resources for Reading, Learning, and Fun at 麻豆传媒集团

    ♦  ACCESS TO BOOKS -- Even while libraries and book stores have to be closed:

    • - Free access to eBooks and audiobooks, along with movies, TV shows, music, magazines, puzzles, games, and more! Use a computer or a mobile device. If you don't already have a BPL library card, you can apply online for an eCard even while the library's branch locations are closed to the public. 


    • Open eBooks - All Miller students have been issued codes to access the free Open eBooks app for iOS and Android devices. If you've lost your code, contact your teacher or Ms. Natice. 


    ♦   for reading, fun, and learning while you're not at school. Includes:

    • readalouds by authors and celebrities,
    • making art with our favorite book illustrators,
    • creative writing tips and prompts from bestselling authors,
    • science/technology/enginerring/math (STEM) info and home projects,
    • museums/history/travel with virtual field trips,
    • and more!


    Stay safe, stay connected, and stay curious!